The more days you play, the more you could win…
What’s your pleasure?

3-day tournament player:

Play all 3 days to be in the tournament and take your shot at some mighty big prizes. Only players that participate in all (3) rounds will be eligible to win the top three cash prizes and trophies.

Daily player:

Just play for a day or two for the chance to win great daily prizes.

Tees in play:

Saturday- White Tees

Sunday- Green Tees

Monday- White Tees

Dress Code

Please note that ALL three courses have a dress code. ALL PLAYERS must wear collared shirts, NO DENIM, and soft spike shoes only.

Rental Clubs are available. If you intend to rent clubs, please contact the golf courses 1-week in advance.

Three Day Tournament Scoring: Modified Stableford

Each player submits a USGA Handicap or Index (GII Committee has the final say regarding Hdcps). The handicap is subtracted from 36 and the difference becomes your quota for the first 18 holes. The goal is to accumulate points against your quota. After 18 holes each player provides the committee with their total points. If you exceed your quota you are + the number of points you exceeded the daily quota and if you are less than your quota you are – the number of points you were less your daily quota. This + or – goes towards your total score for the Championship. Your total score from your previous round becomes your new quota for the next round. If you play well you will have a higher quota for the next round and if you play poorly you will have a lower quota.

The player with the highest total score after the 4 rounds wins.

The committee will collect scores at the end of each round and provide the quota for the next round. All rulings by the committee are final and binding.

The scoring is as follows. Strokes taken in relation to par:

Example: 16 Handicap
Quota is 20 (36-16=20), Shoots 8 Bogeys and 3 Pars for a total of 14 points. He is -2 for the championship and will play to a quota of 14 for the next round.

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